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jenny tutton (1)

Jenny Tutton

Since joining my fitness levels have improved which has helped my badminton, I have lost weight and dropped a dress size quicker than I expected. I really enjoy coming to the Club and get annoyed if I can’t come.

tim brooks

Tim Brooks

When I joined 12 months ago I was at my lowest ebb. Since then my fitness has improved, I have taken part in many Club challenges and I feel 100% better.

Gina Thorner

Gina Thorner

Since joining I have achieved fat loss, feel much healthier and have gained self confidence. I couldn’t have achieved anything without the help of the fantastic team.

Geraint Jones

Geraint Jones

I love coming to the Club! The staff are really supportive and the atmosphere is brilliant. I am meeting my fitness goals and losing body fat.

diane jones
Diane Jones

I love the personal touch on GPT sessions. I really enjoy coming and feel much fitter with more energy. My joints feel better and I feel better in my own body.

dave cox

Dave Cox

I have been coming 3 times a week for a while now, I really enjoy the GPT sessions, which are very motivating, sometimes competitive and most importantly a good laugh. This has all added to my fitness levels, health, posture and well-being. I can’t thank the staff enough for all their input and patience.

sam leslie
Sam Leslie

- I had been a member for just over a year and switched to the Group Personal training, this has led to a 4% loss in body fat and an increase in muscle within a few weeks. The free crèche is fantastic, the children are happy and well looked after.

tim chown

Tim Chown

The Club has a great atmosphere with friendly staff and members. There is always plenty of help and support, I really enjoy coming and de-stressing after work. The Club has become an important part of my life.

angela boyce
Angela Boyce

I suffer with migraines and was down, exhausted with no motivation, I feel much better now. I like that I was listened to and my health problems taken into account. I was feeling fitter within two weeks, there is lots of laughter but fitness is taken seriously.

Ray Newns (1)

Ray Newns

Since joining I have noticed a great improvement in general health and especially my breathing as I suffer from COPD. I love the friendly atmosphere.

tracey munckton

Tracey Munckton

 I love the Group Personal Training sessions, I feel healthier, fitter, less stressed and have lost weight. The Club is very friendly and welcoming and I feel very comfortable here


James Watson

I originally joined to lose weight and have lost over 14kg, my blood pressure has also reduced. Having lost the weight and regained fitness I successfully completed the Monster Race, something I thought I would never be able to do.


Mia Elliott

Having a very busy life it was important for me to find some time for myself and relieve the stresses of life to help me gain confidence. The free creche is wonderful and a great added bonus. Rob and the team have helped me to achieve my ever changing goals with the excellent One2Ones.

j chick

John Chick

I come to Group Personal Training 3 times a week, it is always challenging and fun. my health issues are taken into consideration, I have achieved a greater level of fitness and hope to come for as long as possible. I have made many friends at the Club.

Vicky Smith

Victoria Smith

I’ve been a member for a number of years and in that time have had fantastic programmes set to reach my ever changing goals. One was to maintain fitness during pregnancy which I successfully achieved thanks to the team. Post pregnancy I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. Brilliant!

Ivan Smith

Ivan Smith

I joined in April 2014, having never been to a gym before I was apprehensive at taking such a big step! Finding a Club that was welcoming and friendly was really important. Somewhere I could relax, boost confidence and not feel out of place. Yeovil Personal Fitness Club fits the bill perfectly and I look forward to every visit. key objectives of losing weight and reducing blood pressure have been achieved.

lesley brodie

Lesley Brodie

I joined the Club in March 2014 and within 4 months had achieved my 12 month goal of being a size 10 and healthy and toned. Being a member is brilliant, there is always plenty of encouragement and I feel I am part of a wee family.


Gavin Oakley

Within 4 month’s of joining my blood pressure was down to acceptable levels and I have lost a stone in weight. I enjoy my time here, the staff are friendly and supportive which I have found invaluable in reaching my goals. I particularly like the fact that we have regular reviews, monitoring progress and giving feedback.

sarah miller

Sarah Miller

I joined after overcoming cancer and very quickly found that energy levels improved. I aim to get back to full fitness with the help of the friendly staff at the Club. My quality of life has improved and confidence has been given a boost. Sometimes it is the smallest changes that have the biggest impact.

Laura Easter

Laura Easter

I joined to regain fitness after having a baby. I have quickly been able to run 1.5 miles in the time required for the Navy fitness test. I love the friendly atmosphere and my son is happy in the crèche.

anna mearsI’ve been coming to Yeovil Personal Fitness Club for 6 weeks now and have lost over 1/2 a stone. It’s great to be in such a friendly and motivational club.
Anne Mears