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One2ones at Yeovil Personal Fitness ClubYeovil Personal Fitness Club is a family run fitness club where your health and fitness goals are as important to us as they are to you. The Club is a friendly place where you will instantly feel at home, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting and everyone is made to feel welcome. Members generally arrive with a smile on their face and all leave with one after their one2one workout sessions.

The club offers a complete package of nutritional advice, planned exercise and regular “one2ones” along with plenty of support from friendly and well trained staff. YPFC staff love to see their member’s progress and achieve their results and members are rewarded and encouraged along the way.

Yeovil Personal Fitness Club is owned and run by Rob Tonkin. Prior to working in the fitness industry Rob worked as a university lecturer in Lancaster and brings to his training sessions his extensive teaching skills. This means that all members are made to feel at ease and thoroughly enjoy training at the Club, the philosophy is that health and fitness results can only be achieved in a fun, friendly, relaxed environment.

The main focus of the club is that it is a member results orientated club, this means that Rob and the team go the extra mile to ensure that members achieve their desired goals. It is not about what equipment a gym has it is about what help and motivation the member’s get, no treadmill is going to motivate and encourage you, no dumb bells are going to instruct you on their use; Rob and his team are experts in instructing and encouraging and will do everything to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Each member’s journey to an improved life begins with an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee and it is from this moment that you will see how different Images is to standard ‘gyms’. Rob states that, “We believe it is essential to get to know each member and understand their needs to enable us to help them achieve their individual goals”.

The best results cannot be achieved without guidance, encouragement and motivation, all professional sports people have personal trainers and coaches so why shouldn’t you? At Yeovil Personal Fitness Club the emphasis is on encouraging members to achieve their results and this is done through the extensive one2one system and affordable personal training.

Yeovil Personal Fitness Club is a family run club and as such we realise that parents of young children often cannot find the time for their own health and fitness and so we run a FREE crèche for members.

Vicky Smith I have had many fantastic programmes to meet my ever changing goals, which, included maintaining fitness during pregnancy and with the help following I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.
Vicky Smith