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Weight-Loss Reasons


Weight-loss is the key thing for many people, especially, it seems, women. We all have our own personal reasons/motivations to lose weight, whether it be for a special occasion such as a wedding or a holiday. We want to look good and feel good, most people want to lose weight as a result of vanity; and there is nothing wrong with this, after all why shouldn’t we look good and feel good about ourselves? How many people, I wonder, actually lose weight for health reasons? There are some, undoubtedly that do, to reduce the risk of diabetes or lower blood pressure but I would say the majority of people that come to me for weight loss are doing it for that sense of feeling good.

I thought it might be useful to look into some of the health benefits of losing weight and, for a change I decided to focus on men. Men are often overlooked in weight loss circles but being a healthy weight is very important no matter if you are male or female. Anyway I came across four very good reasons why overweight men should lose weight.

1. You’re likely to suffer your first heart attack three-and-a half years earlier if your body mass index is between 25-30.

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

2. A spare tyre in your forties triples your risk of dementia. Even if your BMI is healthy your odds are still twice as high.

Journal of Neurology

3. Men over the age of 25 who cut their calorie intake by at least 15% (about 300kcal) increased their average life expectancy by 4.5 years.

Saint Louis University

4. If you’re overweight, lose 13.5kg (30lb) and your testosterone rises to the level of a man 10 years younger.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

So, men come on, don’t think weight-loss is just for women, there are some very good reasons listed above to make sure you are a healthy weight!

rich leggI joined Yeovil Personal Fitness Club to gain a high level of fitness and health. The team give constant encouragement and advice keeping me motivated. Images is now an important part of my life.
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