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‘Unhealthy’ Health Foods

5 Not so healthy health foods

It’s often confusing when we learn that many so called “health foods” are actually not so healthy after all.  It may be because they’re high in sugar, lacking in nutrients or sabotaging all your hard work in the gym…often they simply don’t live up to the “healthy” label that the cleaver marketing people have led us to believe in.  Here’s a list of our top 5 not so healthy “health” foods….

Fruit juice

Loads of sugars, whilst naturally occurring, they are often very high in sugar, if you’re trying to lose weight then stick to water!  Try and eat the fruit (in moderation) than drink the juice that way you’ll be more satiated and get the full fibre content too.


A healthy start to the day? Or so you’d think.  Once again, we’ve been a little bit tricked into thinking that all those organic whole grains, nuts and oats provide a wholesome guilt free breakfast.  However, they contain lots of sugar, fat and calories.  Nutritionally granola is not a diet disaster but it’s high in calories and is best eaten sparingly rather than as a breakfast cereal in its own right.  Try sprinkling a little on some natural yogurt with some fresh berries as a much more balanced breakfast.

Dried fruit

High in fibre, vitamins and minerals and pack a punch…but once again high in sugar and don’t fill you up anywhere near as the fresh fruit itself (they lack the water content that bulk out the fruit hence providing a more satisfying snack.)

Caesar salad

Not all salads are equal!!!  The Romain lettuce is more nutritionally rich than Iceberg lettuce but that’s about as good as this salad gets.  When you start adding croutons, Parmesan and dressing it becomes a very high calorie choice often coming in at 800 kcals!  There are so many delicious options with salad that don’t rack up anywhere near this number of calories – experiment and use your imagination!


It’s true, as with most foods, nuts aren’t “unhealthy” or bad for you….in moderation and that’s the key!  If you’re trying to lose weight, just stay clear! There are other lower calorie options that will provide you with good nutrients for less calories. They’re high in fat and most of us choose either a salted variety or a mix of dried fruit and nuts…and the dried fruit adds even more calories in the form of sugar.

With food, it’s about portion control, moderation and making sensible choices most of the time.  Even the healthiest of food eaten in quantities that we aren’t burning will cause us to gain weight.  Don’t sabotage yourself! If you are really looking to lose weight in 2015 then try Yeovil Personal Fitness Club’s 6 week healthy eating plan; guaranteed to bring you the weight loss you desire when used in conjunction with our fitness training. You will lose a healthy 1-2 lbs per week and be able to keep the weight off with no yo-yo dieting.



Carly Cox - fitter Within two months of joining with the intention to lose weight I achieved a weight loss of 11lbs and am down to the size I was before pregnancy and feel a lot fitter. this wouldn’t have happened without the great One2Ones and team work of the Club.
Carly Cox