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Training For A Race

Ace your next race with these top tips
If you have entered a race for the first time, previously completed one and now want a better time follow the tips below to get the best results.

To the gym
Weight training could make you a better runner. A Norwegian study found that resistance training three times a week for eight weeks significantly improved running efficiency and endurance in well-trained, long-distance runners. If you haven’t had a programme review for a while book your One2One now, make sure you tell us about your running plans and we can help you achieve a better time

Uphill battle
Want to conquer the hills? To race uphill, run with a short stride while pushing off the balls of your feet and pumping your arms. Then relax your arms and use a longer stride to go downhill.

Ready, set, splash!
Getting wet could make you a better runner. Swimming increases your upper body strength, making your runs more efficient, while aqua jogging mimics your usual movement sans impact – reducing the risk of injury. Of course we also have many ways to increase your upper body strength in the Club, why not get the hand bike included in your routine?

Bright Idea
‘Watch your stance when running,’ tips Fitness First trainer Andy Hall. ‘Leaping forward and striding too far will drain your energy fast. Instead, make sure you stand tall and lean slightly forward, so when you feel like you’re going to fall, you step forward just enough to catch yourself. This should be the length of your stride.’

Take Five
Listen to your body! If you’re feeling under the weather or if your body is sore and ready for a rest, take a recovery day. Only you know if those aches and pains are from a good run or the sign you need to rest.

Beach Holiday
Here’s a good excuse to book a beach getaway – running on sand can improve your speed and muscle tone. A study from St Luke’s University Clinic in Belgium found that pounding the sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on pavements as your body has to work harder to deal with the soft, unstable surface. That adds up to more defined muscles and a swifter run when you get back to solid ground. Neat!

Have a Drink
Hydration is key for runners, but plain old water is best if you’re only doing short runs. Upgrade to some of our Higher Nature hydration drinks as your training intensifies and distance gets longer. It is essential to keep fully hydrated as only a 2% fluid loss will diminish performance. Higher Nature Performax Hydration Replenishes essential electrolytes lost when you perspire, for optimal re-hydration
• Contains specific nutrients to enhance water absorption during exercise
• Also helps to maintain endurance during prolonged exercise
• Easy to use, single serving sachets to be added to water or juice
• Delicious, natural lemon flavour without any artificial sweeteners
• Gluten free and diary free

janine ivensI have been a member for 7 months, my goal was to get fitter, stronger and compete at a higher level at kick-boxing. I have achieved this and secured myself a 1st Gold trophy and have completed a half marathon and 5km. My aim now is to surpass my previous goal with the help from Images- a lovely, friendly atmosphere.
Janine Ivens