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Personal Training in Yeovil

Personal Training Yeovil

Yeovil Personal Fitness Club is all about achieving results. Personal Training is the best way and we believe we have the best personal training in Yeovil using our unique system.

personal training yeovil


We believe that the key to success is attendance and for this to work you need three things:


1. Results

You need to feel and see results quickly and every time we train you at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club we target the area that you want to work on and areas that are a priority for you. We are totally committed to progressing your Fitness. We believe progress is happiness.

2. Comfortable

You need to feel comfortable in your Training environment. We are very proud of the atmosphere that we have created at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club which is non intimidating and very friendly. Our Personal Fitness Team makes every session varied and great fun.

3. Motivation

You need to have a system that keeps you motivated and consistently attending, our friendly staff are constantly keeping in touch with our members by phone, text and email to help you keep “the habit of attending”.

Group Personal Training

At Yeovil Personal Fitness Club and unlike other Clubs you are never left on your own. We teach and motivate you every time you come in. We achieve this by training everybody that attends in small groups, this ensures the best of both worlds, and you are trained on a one-to-one basis within a small group of like-minded members. As you are trained every single time that you attend you will achieve great results and best of all at a fraction of the cost of conventional personal training. Our unique system therefore offers the best personal training in Yeovil. Your results are guaranteed!

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janine ivensI have been a member for 7 months, my goal was to get fitter, stronger and compete at a higher level at kick-boxing. I have achieved this and secured myself a 1st Gold trophy and have completed a half marathon and 5km. My aim now is to surpass my previous goal with the help from Images- a lovely, friendly atmosphere.
Janine Ivens