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Personal Trainer

It’s an indisputable fact that regular exercise is beneficial in so many ways, not least minimising the risk of serious illness. Generally, those who exercise regularly live longer and are less likely to suffer from illness or depression. People lack the knowledge or have little motivation to exercise, this is where personal training comes in, your trainer has the knowledge and expertise to help you on your fitness journey.

Years ago, having a personal trainer was seen as a luxury, but today many of us have a personal trainer or will know someone that has a personal trainer, with Group Personal Training at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club, unique to the area, it is even more affordable.

Everyone has different goals so it makes sense that there cannot possibly be one exercise routine to suit all. Whether it is weight loss or toning, you are working towards a special event like a wedding or holiday, or more intense training for a specific sporting event, Yeovil Personal Fitness Club can help.

Our clients’ ages range from their 20s to mid 80s. Regardless of your age, your level of fitness or your goals, a personal trainer will give you a training session specific to your needs and nutrition advice to suit you and your goals and ensure you carry out specific exercises safely and effectively.

At Yeovil Personal Fitness Club we love what we do. Positivity is infectious. We are enthusiastic about sharing our expertise in health and fitness and with our motivation you are much more likely to stick to an exercise regime than if you were working out alone.

Personal trainers have chosen to help other people achieve their fitness goals because they understand both the physical and psychological aspects of this lifestyle journey. They have understand the best methods for losing weight and keeping motivated not just to achieve various fitness aims, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club our GPT sessions are full or fun, we take a more holistic approach to health and fitness and firmly believe healthy living is a lifestyle choice and to achieve this it needs to be enjoyable.

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Personal Training is FUN

chereenI joined the gym in Oct 2013 for rehab support following a neck and back injury and wider goal to improve fitness and tone. Progress with an ongoing injury is frustratingly slow but the tiny steps taken are turning into bigger ones and Rob’s ongoing support has kept me motivated and I’m getting better week on week. Couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more supportive gym.
Chereen Scott