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Overcome Excuses

You’ve told yourself dozens of times that tomorrow you are going to start exercising. Yet, tomorrow has come and gone, and you still haven’t starting moving. So, what’s holding you back? What excuse seems fitting today? It’s time to face your excuses head-on so that you can overcome them and choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the most common excuses for skipping exercise along with ways to combat them.

I Don’t Have Time:

This is by far one of the most common excuses used. But, it still doesn’t hold water. People that use this excuse are actually saying that exercise is not enough of a priority to make it on their weekly to-do list. If you fall into this category, then it’s time to review your daily priority list. Certainly there is something less important that you are doing for 20 minutes every day that can be replaced with exercise. After all, exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family to ensure that you live a long, full, disease-free life. There are 168 hours in a week, 2 hour long workouts still leaves you with 166 hours!

I’ve Tried And Failed In The Past:

It’s true that it can be difficult to get motivated to try something after you’ve failed before, but isn’t your health worth another try? If you’ve been unsuccessful at exercising in the past, then re-evaluate what went wrong. Did you try to do too much, too quickly? It’s very common for new exercisers to be overzealous when starting their workouts and end up either burning out or getting injured early on. Did you set unrealistic goals for yourself? Try to stick with small goals that are truly achievable. For example, that you will workout three times per week for the next month. At our unique guest visits we go over your goals with you and review these at regular intervals.

I Can’t Afford A Gym Membership:

Have you really considered the cost and the actual health benefits of joining a Club where your fitness needs are met? You may be surprised at how little it costs and for a similar outlay to a Sky subscription you could have personal training included in your membership. Now which is worth more?

I’m Too Fat (or out-of-shape):

Unless your doctor has forbidden exercise, then it’s very unlikely that this excuse has any validity. If you are extremely out-of-shape, then you simply need to start with baby steps. You may have to start with just five minutes. That’s okay. You can gradually add more time each week. At the very least, you can start by getting active while sitting. There are many beneficial strength training exercises you can do while sitting.

I Don’t Know What Exercises To Do:

That’s where we come in. Included in your membership at Images Fitness Club is a personalised exercise programme that is reviewed every six visits.

I’m Too Old To Get Started:

It may sound cliché, but you are never too old to get started. Everyone can benefit from exercising. Even if you are a senior citizen you can reap many rewards from starting an exercise program. Okay, so maybe you won’t be a marathon runner or a bodybuilder, but you’ll be able to walk the stairs easier, play with your grandchildren, improve your balance, improve your strength and more.

I Just Can’t Get Motivated:

Don’t view exercise as a lifetime evil. Set small, short-term goals to help you get started. Also, make a list of all the positive benefits exercising has on your life. Your list might include giving you more energy, reducing your health ailments and more. The list should be pretty long. Post it somewhere that you will see it regularly and it can serve as a reminder to you as to why you need to workout.

I Hate Exercising:

You probably think you hate it because you’ve been stuck doing activities that you don’t enjoy. Many people still have the old “no pain, no gain” mentality and think that in order for exercise to be worthwhile you have to be miserable doing it. This just isn’t true, at Images we make your workouts fun!

I’m Too Tired:

This excuse can create a vicious circle because the more sedentary you are then the more tired you become. Of course, the more tired you are then the less appealing exercise sounds. So, try to nip this in the bud quickly. Exercise can actually make you feel more revived then a nap. Regular physical activity increases your energy level. Plus, exercisers tend to sleep fall asleep faster and sleep better, which allows you to truly feel rested every day.

When you find yourself making an excuse not to exercise, read through some of the above tips again. And, remind yourself of all the many benefits of working out: lower body fat, decreased risk of many diseases, reduced instances of depression, improved bone density, reduced risk of injuries and many more.

Vicky Smith I have had many fantastic programmes to meet my ever changing goals, which, included maintaining fitness during pregnancy and with the help following I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.
Vicky Smith