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Open Week April 2016

Open Week Yeovil Personal Fitness Club, April 2016

There has never been a better time to get started on your health and fitness journey. Why wait until the New Year? Now is the time to make those changes to your lifestyle that will give you tangible health benefits for years to come.


Yeovil’s only personal fitness club where your results really matter can help you achieve the health and fitness results you want and deserve. Maybe you have let things slip and want to lose a little weight, maybe your blood pressure is a bit high, maybe you feel stressed at times or you have been training elsewhere but feel you are not getting the results you deserve. Whatever it is health and fitness wise, Yeovil Personal Fitness Club is the place for you – where everyone is treated as an individual. Just take a look at our Members Success stories to see the excellent work we can help our members achieve, would you like similar results? IF the answer is yes, and why wouldn’t it be now is the time to make that move and get started. Call us now on 01935 706059 as we have some fantastic membership offers during our OPEN WEEK.


During this open week all new members can get up to 2 month’s FREE membership, save £50 and with NO joining fee.

chereenI joined the gym in Oct 2013 for rehab support following a neck and back injury and wider goal to improve fitness and tone. Progress with an ongoing injury is frustratingly slow but the tiny steps taken are turning into bigger ones and Rob’s ongoing support has kept me motivated and I’m getting better week on week. Couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more supportive gym.
Chereen Scott