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October 2016 Newsletter


october 2016

Welcome to another of our irregular newsletters!
Outside the Club 2016 has certainly had it’s interesting moments with Brexit and the England manager situation but inside the Club things have been going very well. Lot’s of members have been achieving some fantastic results whether it be weight loss, weight gain, general fitness or in some cases running their first 5km races and more. During the year we have launched Fitness45 which is unique to us. On this membership you get 2 small group training sessions per week which are definitely fun with lots of good training. We have also just launched our dedicated slimming club with weekly weigh-ins, full dietary advice and a weekly fitness class. If you are serious about losing weight give this 6 week course a try.
During the year we have organized several charity fundraising events and everyone has been very generous at these times helping to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and MacMillan Cancer Support.
Our MacMillan coffee morning was great fun with many very tasty cakes, it was a good opportunity to chat with members and for people to get to know each other a bit better. This event raised an amazing £175.21!

Club Challenge

We have run some very enjoyable club challenges including our own olympics and Christmas challenges and we will be running another this November/December so look out for details in the next few weeks.

One2One Reviews

The One2One review system ensures that you achieve the results you desire, if you haven’t had a review for a while make sure you book in soon. Don’t forget you can ask for a review at any time especially if you find you are lacking motivation or your health and fitness goals alter.
Healthy Eating Tip

Conquer those carb cravings by having at least 3 meals a day plus healthy snacks. Eating regular well-balanced meals helps to stabilise blood sugar levels.

Jola will return from maternity leave on 22nd November, we look forward to having her back with us☺

Rob, Miranda, Maggie and Jola!

janine ivensI have been a member for 7 months, my goal was to get fitter, stronger and compete at a higher level at kick-boxing. I have achieved this and secured myself a 1st Gold trophy and have completed a half marathon and 5km. My aim now is to surpass my previous goal with the help from Images- a lovely, friendly atmosphere.
Janine Ivens