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Newsletter June 2014

JUNE 2014


The first half of 2014 has been a fantastic time at the Club, lots of new members and lots of people enjoying their workouts and achieving some fantastic results. The friendly atmosphere in the Club continues to grow and it is a lovely place to train. We have revamped the website which can be found at www.gymyeovil.com and have included a blog which is updated with training tips, weight-loss advice, nutrition advice etc. We have set up a dedicated weight loss support group on Facebook which is helping those seeking weight loss at all times of the day.

Group Personal Training

What is it?

An affordable way of adding Personal Training to your membership.

Why should I do it?

To achieve your results faster and with lots of FUN!

When is it?

Groups run every day.

How do I join?

Just ask and we will get you started


Many of you have already enjoyed having a go at our varied Club Challenges and we will be continuing these to keep spicing up your workouts. We are also going to be running a big challenge over the summer months, look out for more details shortly!
Premier Club – Help your Club grow and receive rewards


The Premier Club is another motivational tool we have at Images. You will have seen our Premier Board in the main gym and when you become a member your name is added to the list on the board. How does this help you get your results? You become a member when you refer someone to full membership of the Club, this then gives you someone you know who is motivated to achieve great results, just like you. Whether you work together, meet socially, are related or just Facebook friends you can help keep each other motivated. In addition you receive a £10 voucher.


We are qualified to give vitamins advice in addition to nutrition advice and also carry a stock of Higher Nature vitamins and supplements. We use Higher Nature as they are committed to providing the best, natural and most effective supplements for optimum health. Many of the products are vegan friendly and gluten free.


Remember the key to achieving your desired results is to keep attending and training. Keep up with your One2One reviews to keep motivated and on track, together we can get you the results you desire!
Rob and the team!

janine ivensI have been a member for 7 months, my goal was to get fitter, stronger and compete at a higher level at kick-boxing. I have achieved this and secured myself a 1st Gold trophy and have completed a half marathon and 5km. My aim now is to surpass my previous goal with the help from Images- a lovely, friendly atmosphere.
Janine Ivens