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No Time for Exercise

New Years resolutions often include getting fitter and healthier but so they work? Often people say they have no time for exercise.
People generally quit exercise regimes started as part of new years resolutions, but why is this? Surely if someone decides to get fit it is because they actually want to? I will be looking at the main reasons people quit, starting in this article by addressing the time factor.
Saturday 31 December. New Year’s Resolutions. I WILL […] go to the gym three times a week not merely to buy sandwichBridget Jones’ Diary: A Novel
Monday 28 April. […] Gym visits 0, no. of gym visits so far this year 1, cost of gym membership per year £370; cost of single gym visit £123 (v. bad economy).Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Yes, people do abandon fitness programs. A lot.
• Many new exercise “intenders” will abandon their workout routines within two weeks of their New Year’s resolutions, and about half will quit by June.
• 67% of gym members never go.
• 1/3 of people who buy online fitness and health products never even download them.
People have serious intentions. They are determined to stick to a workout plan. They buy an expensive gym membership. Yet they quit.
Why is that?
The reasons for exercise and fitness abandonment have been researched quite well in social and health psychology. Here are the top six reasons people quit an exercise or health program.
1. No Time

One of the most common reasons given for exercise abandonment is “I have no time.” Lack of time goes beyond exercise time. It may include the time to go to a gym or time conflicts with other activities.
More often than not this is a perceived barrier, not based on reality. People find time to watch TV for hours in the evening, go for drinks with friends, and surf the ‘net’ – if they wanted, they could find 30 minutes a day to exercise.
If someone paid you £1,000 every day to exercise for 30 minutes, would you be too busy?
Don’t quit:
There are a number of strategies to deal with lack of time. One of my favourite is the elimination of decisions.
• Schedule workouts beforehand.
• Treat the schedule as set in stone (like you would a dentist appointment).
• Get ready the day before: pack the gym bag, put it in the car, ready the protein shake – eliminate everything that could serve as excuse (“Oh, I forgot to wash my gym clothes, now I can’t go”).
Another strategy is to add social pressure. For me this was the biggest advantage of having a personal trainer: I knew he was waiting for me and I had to come up with a really good reason to cancel training. This is where Fitness45 comes into it’s own, with this membership available exclusively in Yeovil from Yeovil Personal Fitness Club you get 2 scheduled appointments each week and if you don’t turn up we call you. Sessions are fun and get you the results you want so what are you waiting for? Don’t delay, don’t quit on those resolutions, get the health and fitness you deserve, call us NOW on 01935 706059

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