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Look After Your Liver

The festive season brings indulgence for many people, but this can be bad for your liver, so how can you look after your liver at Christmas?

Eating rich food and consuming alcohol becomes the order of the day as we let down our guard and enjoy the festive mood. Two organs in your body carry the burden of indulgence – your gut and your liver.

So how do we look after ourselves during this mammoth assault on our moderation?

Drinks parties:  firstly try and be the driver – that way you simply cannot drink alcohol and can stay in control of what you eat and drink.  But if that is not an option, apply the 1 for 1 rule.  For every alcoholic drink you have, take a same-size (or bigger) glass of water.  Drink it from a wine glass, it is more party-like!  Ask for a water refill every other time; it is easy to remember, quirky (and may even catch on) and will keep you hydrated and slow down your alcohol consumption rate.   Hopefully!

Soft drinks:  don’t think because it has no alcohol in it that a soft drink will be a healthier option.  Soft drinks are full of sugar and enemies to your waistline as well as your appetite.  Drinking sugary drinks – and this even includes pure fruit juices as well as the manufactured drinks – will stimulate your appetite because it messes with your blood sugar levels.   A glass of sparkling water or plain soda with ice and lemon can look like a vodka and tonic and fool everybody (especially if you act a bit silly, too!).

Eating:  if you are facing a big company ‘do’ and it involves lots of courses, substitute a light protein shake or veggie juice for breakfast and lunch on the day and if you can, the day before too.  Try to remember that once you start eating sugar, you will want to keep on eating sugar.  Nobody craves a salad after a dessert but they often crave more dessert or chocolate mints…


Apply The 1-For-1 Rule

Drinking large amounts of water throughout the Festive Season will help your kidneys cope with the huge workload that rich foods and drinks will bring them.  Flush, flush, flush!


If you get it all wrong and end up drinking too much, drink a pint of water before going to bed it helps your liver to break down alcohol products and speed up your recovery from a hangover.  But remember, you recover even more quickly if you don’t get it in the first place!


And after the New year, when everything has settled down don’t forget to book your One2One review with us and/or join one of our specific slimming groups.  If you’re not already a member of Yeovil Personal Fitness Club call us today on 01935 706059 to see how we can help you after the festivities.

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Happy Christmas!


Ivan Smith I had never been to a gym before so it was important to find a club that was friendly and welcoming, YPFC fits the bill perfectly. Key objectives of weight loss and blood pressure reduction are being met. I look forward to every visit.
Ivan Smith