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Fitness in 2015

Dear member,

Thank you very much for supporting your club in 2014. The club has had another great year and we are determined to build on this success in providing better services for you and your fellow members, to this end we have a completely NEW staff team – so we all can achieve our targets in both health and fitness.

Together we will achieve the results you want!

It’s not long now until Summer. Now that Christmas is out of the way, why shouldn’t you look forward to getting into shape for your summer holiday! At this time of the year we all start off with resolutions and plans – just sticking to them is often the hardest part.

Don’t worry, a little lapse doesn’t mean all is lost – it won’t take long before you are back in the swing of things and feeling much better for it too. And, don’t forget, we are here to motivate you and help you achieve your desired results.

One good turn deserves another

We are pleased to announce that throughout January 2015 we are making available a limited number of family memberships with fantastic savings! Such offers will be available to any members of your family, so they can enjoy the tremendous benefits of being in shape and good health. As well as these offers, exciting prizes and premier membership points will be available to members like yourself, when you introduce your friends to the club and they enrol as members.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club in January and helping you fulfil your desire for health and fitness.

Yours in good health, Rob, Miranda and the club staff team

Ivan Smith I had never been to a gym before so it was important to find a club that was friendly and welcoming, YPFC fits the bill perfectly. Key objectives of weight loss and blood pressure reduction are being met. I look forward to every visit.
Ivan Smith