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Fad Diets

There are many ‘diet’ plans and or ‘detox’ plans around, many advertised by some ‘personal trainers’ in Yeovil, people that should know better! One such plan from a well known company named after a prestigious university (not Oxford) It basically consists of 3, yes 3 only, chocolate milkshake style drinks which each contain something along the lines of 150 odd calories. That’s it! Yep that’s your lot!! 3 non food liquid ridiculous so called meals a day totaling to barely 500 calories a day!


Another ‘plan’ promoted by a certain local personal trainer offers a ‘28 day fat busting’, with weight loss happily recorded of over 12lbs in a few weeks, the trainer even justifies herself by stating that this is more than the recommended 1-2lbs a week and says this is good! How can it be good to lose more than the healthy recommended amounts? The only way it is good is for the trainer’s bank balance. Also, this rapid weight loss is easy to achieve in a four week period, the trick is keeping this weight off and sustaining steady weight loss, no wonder this trainer advertises a 28 day plan, you get quick results and then get suckered into something that could well be dangerous to your health long term. With a diet based around shakes or ‘detox’ you will starve your body which will then eat away at your muscles to get the energy it needs.


I cannot abide these ridiculous diet plans that these companies put out on the market to sucker in people who want to lose a vast amount of weight in as short a time as possible. Of course now is the time of year everyone wants to do exactly that.. But it’s ok because the dietician (that’s a joke) who sell these detox. Diets, shake plans say that because the body is on such a low calorific intake that it would just literally ‘grab’ all the fat weight is lost really quickly.

Oh my god! How on earth can people be allowed to go around selling this absolute muck and tell people complete rubbish like that. The first thing the body will do is catabolize itself, save the fat and eat away at it’s muscle. Therefore leaving less muscle mass than when started and when you crack, and believe me everyone does on these plans, you binge and re-gain all the weight and then some she will be left with a higher percentage of body fat and less muscle mass than before in turn reducing her BMR!

Yippee aren’t these ridiculous extremely low calorie shake diet plans just great…..NOT!


Save your money and spend it on ‘proper clean food’ and feed your body what it deserves!

How on earth can people be allowed to go around selling this absolute muck and tell people complete rubbish like that. The body will eat its own muscle and then when you crack, and everybody cracks on these plans you end up binge eating and with a higher bodyfat percentage than before.

None of these shake diets, detox plans, fat busting plans work in the long run. If you want fat loss and want to keep it off then healthy eating is what is required together with steady fat loss.

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Vicky Smith I have had many fantastic programmes to meet my ever changing goals, which, included maintaining fitness during pregnancy and with the help following I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.
Vicky Smith