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Comfort Eating

Don’t get caught out by a negative cycle of thinking. Recognise the warning signs of comfort, or emotional eating to maximise a healthy diet plan.
Feelings are powerful, there’s no doubt about it! What will make a huge difference to your diet plan is to recognise this power and face negative feelings head on. Awareness is a powerful position to be in!


One of the first things that you can do is take a step back and think about your relationship with food. Starting a food diary is a very good way to record observations about what you have eaten. How did the food taste? Were you really hungry when you decided to eat or was it a sudden urge to satisfy a craving? Were you anxious, stressed, bored or low when you last ate? By noting down our feelings, we can begin to map out a pattern of our eating.


It can be quite hard to differentiate between emotional eating and real feelings of hunger so this check-list should help you begin to tell the difference:
· Do you feel out of control or powerless around food?
· Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed or anxious?
· Do you eat when you’re not hungry or when you feel full?
· Do you eat to improve your mood (to calm yourself or distract when bored or restless)
· Do you reward yourself with food?
· Do you regularly eat until you’ve stuffed yourself?
· Does food make you feel safe? Do you feel like food is a friend?


Learning to recognise or even better, to anticipate your emotional eating triggers, is a big step to beat food cravings and overeating. Make efforts to change these bad habits and you can start to eradicate what might have sabotaged your passed weight loss efforts!
· Identify your triggers
· Find out ways to feed your feelings
· Pause when cravings hit
· Support yourself with healthy lifestyle habits
You’ll soon see a change!

chereenI joined the gym in Oct 2013 for rehab support following a neck and back injury and wider goal to improve fitness and tone. Progress with an ongoing injury is frustratingly slow but the tiny steps taken are turning into bigger ones and Rob’s ongoing support has kept me motivated and I’m getting better week on week. Couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more supportive gym.
Chereen Scott