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Club v Facility

We are a Club not a facility.

Here at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club we are exactly as it says, a Club, we do not operate a cheap open all hours gym, if that is what you are looking for then we are probably not for you. We are a small, family run Club where each member is part of the Club not just a number.

What we offer is a bespoke fitness club where each individuals needs are carefully assessed and monitored. This is achieved through our unique to Yeovil One2One system where all members receive individual attention from an experience trainer every SIX visits.

Furthermore, to help our members achieve their desired goals we have introduced Fitness45, a membership that guarantees results in just two, 45 minute, trainer led sessions per week. For clarification on how this can help you please see our testimonials page where you can see real members who have achieved real results. Additionally, why not check out our Facebook page where you will get an idea of the Club atmosphere.

Once you have decided you want to change and start on the process of becoming the new ‘you’ call us on 01935 706059 and book your FREE no obligation guest visit where we can find out all about you and your health and fitness goals and you can find out how we can help you achieve them.
Remember, you get this help and encouragement from us being a Club not a facility.

rich leggI joined Yeovil Personal Fitness Club to gain a high level of fitness and health. The team give constant encouragement and advice keeping me motivated. Images is now an important part of my life.
Rich Legg