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Circuit Training

If you are wondering what all the fuss about circuit training is, read on.

Here’s how they work: a personal trainer (in our case, Rob) sets up a number of stations containing different kit, then takes a bunch of happy members through a consecutive series of timed exercises using this equipment, with short amounts of rest in between each exercise.

The quick pace and constant switching between exercises and equipment shocks your body and tackles all your major muscle groups, meaning you get should get an effective full-body workout over the space of the 45 minutes (the length of a typical class). OK, so you won’t be lifting massive weights in most circuit classes, but they cram in so many sets that they hit your muscles hard for huge strength gains. You’ll also work your aerobic system without having to even look at a cursed treadmill.


Of course, having an engaged and engaging personal trainer , such as Rob, is key to a good class. Rob will happily barks out the moves he wants you to do then chases you around the room, cajoling, encouraging and yelling at you to keep training at a high tempo and maintain perfect form. It may sound a bit scary at first but everyone really enjoys these sessions.

Competition, particularly if you’re doing a class with a mate of a similar level of fitness to you, will also help you get the most out of a circuit training session. Feeling like the fastest man in a class full of strangers certainly adds to the endorphin rush you’ll get at the end of a session, but if you’ve beaten a buddy, you’ll open the door to bragging rights heaven.

The good news is that if you have Fitness45 membership then these sessions are included in your membership, so why not give circuits at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club a go – after all, what have you got to lose apart from any unwanted weight?

chereenI joined the gym in Oct 2013 for rehab support following a neck and back injury and wider goal to improve fitness and tone. Progress with an ongoing injury is frustratingly slow but the tiny steps taken are turning into bigger ones and Rob’s ongoing support has kept me motivated and I’m getting better week on week. Couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more supportive gym.
Chereen Scott