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Choosing a Personal Trainer

How to Choose a Personal Trainer


So you have decided that having personal training is the way forward, and why not? I have already written a couple of articles on how personal training can benefit everyone and how it is made affordable at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club, here I will write about some of the pitfalls you could encounter when choosing a personal trainer.


  1. Permanancy –  many personal trainers I have seen in the local area are only contactable by e-mail or a mobile telephone number. This is all well and good after all this is the 21st century. But what happens if they do a runner once you have handed over several hundred pounds? You only have a mobile number? This can easily be changed and then you have no way of getting your money back or getting your training sessions.
  2. Experience – is your trainer experienced? Does their claimed experience match their age? I have seen some trainers claiming 7 years or more experience, which would mean they started personal training at age 14 or 15! Very unlikely!
  3. Holidays and sickness – you have your personal trainer but they are sick, what do you do? You do not get a training session that’s what.
  4. Location – many trainers will come to your house, is this practicable? Do you have the room to exercise correctly? Many will meet you in a park – great in the summer, not so good in the cold rain.
  5. Insurance – does your trainer have full insurance, including public liability insurance.
  6. Licence – are they licensed if they play music, they should have both a PRS and PPL licence, if not they are acting illegally.
  7. Tax – it may not bother you but are they paying the relevant tax? If not you could be paying them double and also you could be called to court as a witness.
  8. Experience – again – it is an important one so I’ve added it twice, if you have an injury, are more mature or less mobile does your trainer have the necessary experience to take this into account? I have taken members with serious knee injuries who have been to local personal trainers that made them do lunges and squats with heavy weights, almost crippling them. Many so called personal trainers think because they are called personal trainer and charge a premium price they can get away with slack training methods. It is your life that is at risk, not theirs!


There are more problems connected to some personal trainers, not all are bad but be careful!


There is a solution, here at Yeovil Personal Fitness Club we offer personal training, your needs are fully catered for via extensive discussions and reviews. We have the help of Central Somerset Physiotherapists  http://www.centralsomersetphysiotherapy.co.uk onsite. If a trainer is ill or on holiday we have other trainers so you don’t miss sessions. We have a fully equipped air-conditioned gym that you can use at all times, not just when you have a session booked. We cost LESS than independent personal trainers.

Find out about excellent personal training available at an affordable price in Yeovil here http://www.gymyeovil.com/membership/

and here http://www.gymyeovil.com/blog/personal-training-yeovil/

So, for safe, professional personal training, call Yeovil Personal Fitness Club today on 01935 706059 today and see how we can help you.

Carly Cox - fitter Within two months of joining with the intention to lose weight I achieved a weight loss of 11lbs and am down to the size I was before pregnancy and feel a lot fitter. this wouldn’t have happened without the great One2Ones and team work of the Club.
Carly Cox