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Blood Pressure – the Risks of Stroke

Blood Pressure and the Risk of Strokes

Having high blood pressure can increase your risk of having a stroke and studies have shown that keeping your blood pressure levels low before you reach age 55 can dramatically cut your risk of developing cardiovascular developing cardiovascular disease including stroke.


Being overweight increases your chances of developing high blood pressure. A body mass index between 25 and 30 is considered overweight. A body mass index over 30 is considered obese. About two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. About one in three U.S. children ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese. Excess weight increases the strain on the heart, raises blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and lowers HDL (good) cholesterol levels. It can also make diabetes more likely to develop. Losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds can help lower your blood pressure and your heart disease risk. To successfully and healthfully lose weight—and keep it off—most people need to subtract about 500 calories per day from their diet to lose about 1 pound per week

Drinking too much alcohol

Heavy and regular use of alcohol can increase blood pressure dramatically. It can also cause heart failure, lead to stroke and produce irregular heartbeats. Too much alcohol can contribute to high triglycerides, cancer and other diseases, obesity, alcoholism, suicide and accidents. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. If you drink, limit your alcohol consumption to no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.  One drink equals a 12-ounce beer, a 4-ounce glass of wine, 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor, or 1  ounce of hard liquor (100-proof).

What can you do to change things?

Firstly, don’t panic. If you are overweight then we can help you, we can tailor exercise and nutrition advice to get you back in shape and reduce your blood pressure to acceptable levels. Call Yeovil Personal Fitness Club today on 01935 706059 to see how we can help you have the life you deserve.


gavin oakley, testimonial re reduced blood pressureWithin 4 months of joining my blood pressure was down to acceptable levels and I had lost a stone in weight. I enjoy my time here, all the staff are friendly and supportive which I have found invaluable in reaching my goals. I particularly like the fact that we have regular reviews, monitoring progress and giving feedback.
Gavin Oakley